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  • The Loners (HaBodedim), Military Drama Isreal Movie DVD, 2009
    The Loners (HaBodedim), Military Drama Isreal Movie DVD, 2009

The Loners (HaBodedim), Military Drama Isreal Movie DVD, 2009

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Two russian soldiers, caught smuggling arms, want to be tried in military court in order to uphold their honor. The military wants them out and in civil court.

In Hebrew, with Hebrew, English and Russian subtitles on a PAL (EUR) format DVD

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Israel Film Academy 2009 Award Winner for Best Actor (Sasha Avshalom Agrounov)!

Also Nominated for Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Film, Best Music (Shem Tov Levy), Best Screenplay, Best Sound, Best Support Actor and Best Supporting Actress.


The Loners is based on a true story and is set in a military prison in 1997 in northern Israel . Two immigrant soldiers from Russia have been accused of treason and supplying military weapons to Hamas. The pair are "Chayalim Bodidim", lone soldiers living in Israel without family. They are sent to jail and are set to be tried as civilians. Their requests for an appeal hearing in order to have an honorable military court trial are denied, and the pair are subjected to constant persecution and beatings.


Glory (Sasha Avshalom Agrounov) aggressively pursues his demands, and in frustration eventually organizes a mutiny within the prison. Along with the more nervous Sasha (Anton Ostrovski), a son of a Russian general, they take a couple of hostages. This causes a tense stand off and as the siege wears on the truth about what really happened is slowly revealed.

The Loners is the second feature from writer/director Renen Schorr (Late Summer Blues), and is proficiently directed. Schorr deliberately opens the action out so that the film doesn't become too claustrophobic, as is often the case with prison movies. The film explores themes of isolation, honour, injustice, and Schorr emphasizes the different personalities of the two central characters. The film is also critical of Israel's policy of compulsory military service, and addresses the angst and conflicted multi-culturalism of a country that sometimes seems at war with itself.


Military Drama, Israel Movie 2009, 92 minutes

Spoken language is Hebrew, with Hebrew, English and Russian subtitles on PAL (EUR) format DVD

  • Language: Hebrew, English and Russian subtitles
  • Publisher: NMC United
  • Original Release date: 2009
  • Media: PAL (EUR) DVD
  • Runtime: 92 minutes