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  • Melting Away (Names Ba-geshem) 2012 – Israeli Movie DVD
    Melting Away (Names Ba-geshem) 2012 – Israeli Movie DVD

Melting Away (Names Ba-geshem) 2012 – Israeli Movie DVD

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This is a drama unlike any other in the history of Israeli film.  Melting Away deals with a complex family story, dominated by issues of sexuality and recognition.  As the drama unfolds, it becomes both a captivating and moving story.

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Directed by Doron Eran, Melting Away is a truly moving drama, which breaks new ground in Israeli film.  It deals with the story of Shlomo, a conservative father, who discovers women’s clothing and other accessories in the room of his son Assaf.  Disgusted by his son’s apparent sexual orientation, Shlomo, with the silent permission of his wife Galia, locks his son out of the family home on a wet, rainy night, banishing Assaf from their lives.


Four years later, Shlomo is dying of cancer and Galia sets about contacting Assaf to facilitate a final reconciliation.  She turns to a private investigator who finds Assaf performing as a talented transgender entertainer at a Tel Aviv night club.  Played by Hen Yanai, Assaf is now known as Anna.  Posing as a nurse sent by the insurance company to help Shlomo in his final days in hospital, Anna reconnects with her unsuspecting father.  Anna charms Shlomo and truly captures his heart.  Will he find out the truth behind the mysterious Anna?  This is a gem of an Israeli movie challenging issues of sexuality and parental boundaries as never before.  It’s an Israeli film which will fascinate as it builds towards an emotional climax.



Director: Doron Eran
Writer: Billy Ben-Moshe
Hen Yanni  ...  Anna  
Yonatan Barak  ...  Gingi  
Limor Goldstein    
Shosha Goren  ...  Sarah  
Shay Kadimi  ...  Shimi  
Oded Leopold    
Eyal Rozales    
Hannan Suissa    
Ami Weinberg  
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
  • Genre: Drama
  • Media: DVD PAL
  • Runtime: 87 min