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  • Naomi (Hitpartzut X) 2010 – Israeli Movie
    Naomi (Hitpartzut X) 2010 – Israeli Movie

Naomi (Hitpartzut X) 2010 – Israeli Movie

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If you are looking for an Israeli movie filled with tension and suspense then Naomi is the film for you.  Starring some of the masters of Israeli film, this is a tale of love and betrayal which will enthrall you.

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This is a classic story of passionate love and ultimate betrayal, which has long lasting consequences.  Called Eruption X in Hebrew, but known by the English title Naomi, this is an Israeli movie from well-known director Eitan Tzur, starring veteran actors Orna Porat and Yossi Pollack.  Stage stars Porat and Pollack rarely star on film, but their presence helps to make this an Israeli movie to remember.   


The plot centers around the relationship between Ilan Ben Nathan, a 58-year-old astrophysics professor and his younger and beautiful wife Naomi, played by Melanie Peres.  Ilan is deeply in love with Naomi, so much so that he is obsessed with the possibility that she will be unfaithful towards him.  He follows her closely and keeps an eye on Naomi’s every movement.  Eventually, Ilan’s worst fears are realized as he discovers that Naomi has a younger lover.  Distraught by his discovery, Ilan seeks the advice of his sharp-tongued mother (played by Porat), who in telling him to let go, provides some beautifully scripted moments of black comedy.   


Ilan does not heed his mother’s advice and instead confronts Naomi’s lover, leaving long-lasting consequences that Ilan will have to bear, in this truly gripping Israeli film.


Director: Eitan Tzur
Writer: Edna Mazia
  Suhel Haddad  ...  Anton  
  Rami Heuberger  ...  Oded Safra  
  Melanie Peres  ...  Naomi  
  Yossi Pollak  ...  Ilan  
  Orna Porat  ...  Ketty  
  • Language: Hebrew, English subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2010
  • Genre: Romance
  • Media: DVD PAL
  • Runtime: 102 min