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  • Nurit (Nurith) 1972 DVD-Israeli movie
    Nurit (Nurith) 1972 DVD-Israeli movie

Nurit (Nurith) 1972 DVD-Israeli movie


Nurit (1972). The story of two lovers seperated by a car accident. Hebrew with English Subtitles.PAL(EURO) system available ONLY

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Shoshana from Tveria and Moshe from Tel Aviv are about to be married.

A radio broadcast anounces that Moshe dies in a car crash. In her grief, Shoshana returns to Tveria.

It turns out that Moshe was not killed but he opens a new singing career.

Shoshana has a car accident as well and looses her eyesight. She is pregnant with a Moshe's child - Nurit.

Will the two lovers ever meet?

Staring: Yona Elian, Sasi Keshet, Z'ak Cohen, Arie Elias, Tuvia Kazav, Rachel Furman

Director: George Ovadia

Photography: Yechiel Neeman

Music: Shaike Paikov, Boaz Sharrabi

90 min.

  • Language: Hebrew
  • Original Release date: 1972
  • Media: PAL DVD (EUR)
  • Runtime: 90 min