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  • Obsession (Resisei Ahava) 2011 Israeli movie DVD
    Obsession (Resisei Ahava) 2011 Israeli movie DVD

Obsession (Resisei Ahava) 2011 Israeli movie DVD


This period piece is an example of dramatic and evocative Israeli film.  Set in the late 1960s in Jerusalem, the plot revolves around a cheating husband and his wife’s obsessive attempt to maintain the family unit.  A must-see Israeli DVD.

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Obsession, or to give it its’ Hebrew title, “Fragments of Love” is an intense tale of love, family and dedication.  Written and directed by Nissim Notrika, the movie is set in the Nahlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem in 1968.  Sammy is a handsome, happy go lucky guy who decides to open a Greek club.  At the same time, he embarks on an affair with the exciting Dina.  Yet, despite the betrayal, which Sammy appears unwilling to end, his wife Malkah does everything possible to keep her family of a husband and four children together.  The eldest two, Shlomo and Tikvah have already left home for the army and kibbutz respectively.  The younger two, Itzik and Micah are still very much at home.  Itzik is preparing for his bar mitzvah, but is often disobedient towards his mother, while Micah is smart but introverted and acutely shy. 


The one thing holding this unit together is Malkah’s dedication to family and tradition.  She tries everything to bring Sammy home, ignoring the advice of her own children and Avraham, a kindly neighbor who is also Sammy’s business partner.  Avraham is also in love with Malkah.  Watch to find out how this intense Israeli movie unfolds. 



Director: Nissim Notrika
Writer: Nissim Notrika
  Reymond Amsalem    
  Eran Ben-Ze'ev    
  Edna Blilious    
  Yehezkel Lazarov 
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2011
  • Genre: Drama
  • Media: DVD PAL
  • Runtime: 94 min