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  • Playoff 2011 - Israeli Movie
    Playoff 2011 - Israeli Movie

Playoff 2011 - Israeli Movie


Playoff is the incredible true story of Ralph Klein, the legendary Israeli basketball coach, whose personal trials inevitably impacted his professional career.  It’s a story of loss, victory and conflict and a classic Israeli movie about a true Israeli hero.

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There is perhaps no Israeli sporting hero more deserving of a movie about his life than Ralph Klein.  Born in pre-Nazi Germany, much of Klein’s family perished at Auschwitz, but he survived.  After coming to Israel in 1951, Klein began an enormously successful basketball career with Maccabi Tel Aviv, which famously culminated in him coaching them to the European championship in 1977.  Also the coach of the Israeli national team, Klein unleashed a bombshell when he announced that he was to return to Germany in 1983 to coach the West German national team.


An Eran Riklis production, Playoff focuses on the conflicts facing Klein as he returned to the country which murdered his family. Insisting that coaching in Germany is just a job, Klein played by Danny Huston cannot help emotion creep into his role as he refuses to speak German to his players.  Distant from his team, Klein finds friendship and love with a Turkish immigrant woman and eventually finds success on the basketball court too.  This Israeli film is a wonderful portrayal of the man voted the 67th greatest Israeli of all time.  It is an emotional tale of a sporting legend facing incredible personal and professional dilemmas.


Director: Eran Riklis

Writers: Eran Riklis, David Akerman

  Danny Huston  ...  Max Stoller  
  Amira Casar  ...  Deniz  
  Mark Waschke  ...  Axel  
  Max Riemelt  ...  Thomas  
  Hanns Zischler  ...  Franz  
  Selen Savas  ...  Sema  
  Smadi Wolfman  ...  Ronit (as Smadar Wolfman)  
  Andreas Eufinger  ...  Ulrich  
  Mathias von Heydebrand  ...  Dieter  
  Irm Hermann  ...  Bertha  
  Yehuda Almagor  ...  Shimi  
  Volker Metzker  ...  Reporter Taxi  
  Verena Wüstkamp  ...  Reporter - VIP Room  
  Oliver Klös  ...  Cameraman  
  Steffen Müller  ...  Reporter VIP  


  • Language: English, Hebrew with English Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2011
  • Genre: Drama
  • Media: DVD PAL
  • Runtime: 107