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  • Self Made (Boreg) 2014 Israeli Movie
    Self Made (Boreg) 2014 Israeli Movie

Self Made (Boreg) 2014 Israeli Movie


As a result of a mix up at a security checkpoint, a Palestinian and an Israeli woman swap their identities and live the life of the other person in their respective homes.

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Boreg (2015) is an 89 minute Israeli drama by director Shira Geffen and main actor Sarah Adler. This breathtaking film is a work of filmography art, following the unique and intensely creative story of two women, an Israeli and a Palestinian, living in the same environment but from two different sides. Nadine wants to live and enjoy, but the vitality of her personality is buried under the hardships of life and endless waiting at checkpoints, whereas Efrat has lost herself and her vitality and interest in life along with glory she received for the "persona" that she represents. A case of human error causes the two women to swap places and be able to touch their wishes by living each others lives, being on the other side of the border. Truly an intense drama, this creative masterpiece is a film that isn't forgotten, and truly showcases the talent put into making it.

  • Language: Hebrew with English Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2015
  • Genre: Drama
  • Media: DVD PAL (Euro System)
  • Runtime: 89 min