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  • Sweets (Sukariot) 2014, Israeli Movie
    Sweets (Sukariot) 2014, Israeli Movie

Sweets (Sukariot) 2014, Israeli Movie

Sukariyot (2013) by Joseph Pitchhadze and Dov Stoyer is a political showcase of the Israeli-Arab viewpoint on modern Israeli culture, cleverly disguised as a business struggle between Salah the turkish coffee and candy businessman, and Klausner and 'The Firm', the Israeli corporation with previous monopoly on said sales.
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(contains sex and nudity scenes)

Sukariyot (2013) is a unique perspective on Israeli culture, with leading role Salah (played expertly by Makram Khoury) an Israeli-Arab enterpriser trying to bring happiness to the Israeli-arab children by creating his own new chain of candy stores.
Klausner (played by Shmuel Vilozni), head of 'The Firm', an Israeli corporation that currently has control over the Israeli candy market, resents Salah. In the past, he had taken over the previously Israeli market of Turkish Coffee, and Klausner saw him from then on as a threat, not only businesswise, but also culturally and politically. A threat to the very foundation of zionism in Klausner's eyes, all Salah is in reality is a simple Arab businessman trying to integrate in Modern Israel against the dominant Zionist culture. Only thinly disguised as a business struggle, the storyline of this film follows the other side of the coin, the other perspective into the daily comings and goings of modern Israeli culture. Writers Joseph Pitchhadze and Dov Stoyer have brought insight into a difficult subject, and have cleverly put together a movie that showcases one of the viewpoints.
Director: Joseph Pitchhadze
Writers: Joseph Pitchhadze, Dov Stoyer
Sarah Adler - Klaudia
Ayal Beeri - Suit Wearer, Klausner's Assistant
Dvir Benedek - Danny Geva
Ezra Kafri  - Makram Khoury
Moni Moshonov - Uly
Menashe Noy - Shmuel Vilozni
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2014
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Media: DVD PAL (Euro) system
  • Runtime: 132 min