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  • Temptation (Pituy) 2002 DVD-Israeli Movie
    Temptation (Pituy) 2002 DVD-Israeli Movie

Temptation (Pituy) 2002 DVD-Israeli Movie


Daphne is trapped, but determined to get revengeHebrew with ENGLISH, RUSSIAN, FRENCH & SPANISH subtitlesPAL(EURO) system available ONLY

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Daphne's life is peaceful. She has a solid marriage with a successful lawyer, two charming children and owns a nice local bookshop. Recently her father passed away and left her a good deal of money, but besides that, it's the same old routine. This routine is about to abruptly change, when Daphne befriends with Ami. Ami's life is much less peaceful. He is a hi-tech manager who just got laid off and is going through a painful divorce.

Their friendship grows into a passionate affair that shadows everything else. Ami gets a business proposal but can't use his money until the divorce will be settled. He's about to decline, but Daphne suggests he will take a loan and she will provide her inheritance as a guarantee. But apparently Ami planned this all along. He disappears without returning the loan, knowing she won't file a complaint because that will expose their affair. Daphne is trapped, but determined to get revenge. She seeks help from Merav, her best friend: together they will teach Ami a lesson in business and pleasure.

Israel Drama 2002 - 95 mins

Hebrew Language with Hebrew, English, French, Russian & Spanish subtitles

  • Language: Hebrew
  • Original Release date: 2002
  • Media: PAL DVD (EUR)
  • Runtime: 103 min