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  • The Policeman (Ha-shoter) Israeli Movie
    The Policeman (Ha-shoter) Israeli Movie

The Policeman (Ha-shoter) Israeli Movie

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The Policeman is the story of Yaron, who leads an elite squad of border police. These hardened fighters who are the the front line troops in Israel’s war on terror are confused when they have to deal with a group of young Israeli Anarchists.  

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The film follows Yaron (Yiftach Klein), an officer in the Elite anti terror unit of the Israeli Border Police (YAMAM). Yaron is the steriotype macho character. His  entire life revolves around the brotherhood of the men he leads who are the the front line troops in Israel’s war on terror. 

After establishing these relationships, the plot moves to a group of radical, violent, bizarre Tel Aviv students (Ya’ara Feltzig, Michael Aloni and Michael Moshonov) who are planning a social revolution. They are liberal minded and dream of social justice.  They formulate a manifesto that reads in part:
“It is now a time when the rich live by the sweat of the poor  and the poor die. 
The Jewish State has become a nation of masters and slaves.
Those with private planes to take them where they want, and those who have no money even for the bus. This situation must be reversed.”
The group plans to seize control of an Israeli billionaire’s (Rona Lee Shimon ) daughter's wedding and force the media to broadcast their manifesto.
Complications arise when they are confronted by Yamam troops led by Yaron.
This meeting confronts the issue of class struggle in Israeli society, and ignites an internal war within his very soul.



Director: Nadav Lapid
Writer: Nadav Lapid
Ben Adam
Michael Aloni
Meital Barda
Gal Hoyberger
Yiftach Klein
Shaul Mizrahi
Michael Moshonov
Menashe Noy
Yaara Pelzig
Rona-Lee Shim'on
  • Language: Hebrew with English & French subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2011
  • Genre: Drama
  • Media: DVD PAL
  • Runtime: 105 min