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  • Three Mothers (Shalosh Ima'ot) 2006 DVD - Israeli movie
    Three Mothers (Shalosh Ima'ot) 2006 DVD - Israeli movie

Three Mothers (Shalosh Ima'ot) 2006 DVD - Israeli movie


Won 4 Film Festival Awards Triplets Rose, Flora and Yasmin were born over sixty years ago in Alexandria, Egypt. This is the story of their journey from their past to present day life. Hebrew, English & French Subtitles. Available in PAL(EURO) format ONLY.

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2006 Israeli Film Academy Best Cinematography: Shai Goldmn

2006 Jerusalem Film Festival

  • Wolgin Award Best Cinematography: Shai Goldman
  • Special Prize: Gila Almagor
  • Best Costumes: Rona Doron

Nominated for Israeli Film Academy:

  • Best Art Direction: Eitan Levi
  • Best Director: Dina Zvi-Riklis
  • Best Editing: Tova Asher
  • Best Picture: Shmulik Neufeld, Eran Riklis, Ifat Perstalink
  • Best Screenplay:Dina Zvi-Riklis, Alma Ganihar
  • Best Sound: Israel David, Gil Toren, As Milo

Rose, Flora and Yasmin were born as a triplet sixty something years ago in Alexandria, Egypt. Their well-off parents gave them names of flowers, and King Farouk of Egypt gave them his blessing.

Today, in Israel, they live together in an apartment without men and without children. Flora has just retired from her work as a midwife, Yasmin awaits a kidney transplant, and Rose, once a successful singer, is wrapped in silence since the death of her husband.

One after the other, the three sisters come to 'This is your life,' a place where people recount their memoirs, in order to tell their life story to Rucha (Rachel), Rose's only daughter, and talk about their symbiotic relationship. They are also searching for the long lost son of one of them who was given away for adoption under mysterious circumstances.

During this period, their lives and that of Rucha will change dramatically. Hidden ghosts will slowly appear, forcing the three sisters to confront the secrets and lies, and seek forgiveness. At the end of the journey into the past, after they redeem themselves, the sisters will embark on a new journey, to Alexandria, where Yasmin will undergo her kidney transplant and Rucha, who regained her own memories, will be able to start a new life.

2006 Israel Drama, Hebrew, French & Arabic

106 mins

Director: Dina Zvi-Riklis

Writers: Alma Ganihar, Dina Zvi-Riklis


Miri Mesika, Gila Almagor, Rivka Raz, Raymond Amsalem, Tali Sharon, Tracy Abramovici, Dana Zilberstine, Yehezkel Lazarov, Tracy Abramovich, Shmil Ben Ari, Yoram Hattab, Amos Tamam, Yoram Toledano, Dana Zilberstein

  • Original Release date: 2006
  • Media: PAL DVD (EUR)
  • Runtime: 106 min