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  • Tzur Hadassim (1999)  DVD - Israeli Movie
    Tzur Hadassim (1999)  DVD - Israeli Movie

Tzur Hadassim (1999) DVD - Israeli Movie

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Four characters seeking a better life, trying to follow a dream. Hebrew Subtitles. Available for PAL(EURO) systems only.

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Tsur Hadassim tells the story of four characters, who, each in his own unique way, is seeking a better life. Its a lunatic chase of an elusive dream that makes the characters into heros, then breaks them, rising and falling until finally they awaken at 'Tsur Hadassim - the place that never was', only to discover the dream, however close to your heart, is so far out of reach...

Nominated 1999 Israeli Film Academy - Best Actress: Orly Ben-Garti

Won 1999 Jerusalem Film Festival - Best Israeli Screenplay

1999 Israel Drama, Hebrew

100 mins

Directed by Gideon Kolirin

Writing credits Eran Kolirin


Orly Ben-Garti

Albert Iluz

Dafna Rechter

Danny Steg

  • Original Release date: 1999
  • Media: PAL DVD (EUR)
  • Runtime: 100 min