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  • Urban Feel (Kesher Ir) 1999 - Israeli movie
    Urban Feel (Kesher Ir) 1999 - Israeli movie

Urban Feel (Kesher Ir) 1999 - Israeli movie

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An estranged couple receives an unexpected visitor who throws everything in their family off balance.

Hebrew, English, French, Spanish & German Subtitles.

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Robby and Eva are stuck in a flimsy marriage. Jonha is their pale 8 years old son. An unexpected guest interrupts their domestic routine: Emanuel,Eva's former lover, shows up after 8 years, curious to see what has become of Eva who married his dependeble best friend, Robbie. He connives his way into their home and eagerly befriends their son Jonah. His presence acts as a catalyst for the collapse of their already shaky marriage. Struggling with the new realities of their lives, the heroes realize that love is nothing but a procedure which may tickle, but cannot make everything better.

Director:Jonathan Sagall
Writer:Jonathan Sagall (writer)
Dafna Rechter... Eva
Jonathan Sagall... Emanuel
Shimon Ben-Ari... Marco
Tchia Danon... Gabriela
Ziv Baruch... Jonah
Zachi Dichner... Police officer
Sharon Alexander... Robby
Alon Dahan... Neri
Assi Levy... Nelly

  • Language: Hebrew, English, French, Spanish & German Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 1998
  • Media: PAL (EUR) DVD
  • Runtime: 103 min