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  • We are not Alone (Anachnu Lo Levad) 2011 - Israeli Movie
    We are not Alone (Anachnu Lo Levad) 2011 - Israeli Movie

We are not Alone (Anachnu Lo Levad) 2011 - Israeli Movie


In The Exchange, a man returns home one day and everything looks different to him.  This movie is a surrealistic drama dealing with philosophical concepts such as what is real?  Who are we really?  An interesting and thought-provoking and Israeli film, 

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The latest Israeli Movie by Director Eran Kolirin, The Exchange, is a surrealist film which tells the story of an ordinary man, Oded, who becomes obsessed with contemplating his apartment, silently and alone while avoiding his wife.  He befriends an older neighbor who involves him in new and strange behaviors.  The cinematography is quite well done and the lighting is warm and pleasing.  ...Eran Kolirin is best known for his very successful Israeli comedy film The Band’s Visit, which was a comedy released in 2007DVD.  he finds any excuse to come home during the day and contemplate his flat, silently and alone, doing his best to avoid Tami. He finds a co-conspiritor in Yoav, an older neighbour who introduces him Oded’s journey is one of self- discovery.  What he finds will surprise you.  Drama Released in 2011, 90 min.actors names.
Director: Lior Har-Lev
Writer: Izhar Harlev
  Iris Abramovich
Tal Ben-Bina ... Erica
  Efrat Ben-Yaakov ... Maya
  José María Blanco ...Shatz
  Rony Blitz ... Niso
  Shaul Elias
  Dan Kaner ... Eric
  Amitai Kedar ... Toys seller
  Ohad Knoller ... Eddy
  Ron Richter ... Ronald
  Amos Shoov ... Man in security check
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2011
  • Genre: Drama
  • Media: DVD PAL (euro)
  • Runtime: 90 min