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  • White Panther (Panter Lavan ) 2013, Israeli Movie
    White Panther (Panter Lavan ) 2013, Israeli Movie

White Panther (Panter Lavan ) 2013, Israeli Movie

As the film begins, we are introduced to two brothers, Alex and Eugene, living in Tiberius' near slum, Sh'kuna Daled, with their sick mother. Their father was killed in Operation Defensive Shield, shortly after their arrival from Russia.
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The Father, though a famous boxer from Moscow, was buried outside of the cemetary fence because of questions of his ancestry. This carrieswith it a great insult and causing much anger on the part of children. Yevgeny, the eldest brother, becomes leader of a group Neo - Nazi Russians in the Sh'kuna. They espouse Anti-semetic, racist ideology. The group shaves their heads in the style of xenophobic, ultra-nationalists in Russia. The values of music, art and scholarship, Russians are noted for are foreign to these  Russian youth who feel cut off from the state, Hebrew and Judaism. 
Alex, the younger brother dreams of being a boxer, like his father. through coincidence, he meets David Ohana, a boxing coach, and his beautiful daughter, Yasmin. Alex is in conflict between the desire to assimilate into real Israeli society and loyalty to his brother and his origin. Lacking the presence of his father, He sees both Yevgeny and David as father figures, but each pulling him in very different ways. Their patient mother is using the last of her waning strength to save Alex the fate of missing his future in boxing and in Israel. 
Director: Danni Reisfeld
Writer: Danni Reisfeld
Ze'ev Revach - David Ohana
Yevgeny Orlov - Alex Zeitlin
Meital Gal - Yasmin Ohana
Zura Vulkan Kartvelishvily - Yevgeny Zeitlin
Natasha Manor - Vera Zeitlin
  • Language: Hebrew, English subtitles
  • Media: DVD PAL (Euro) System
  • Runtime: 89 min