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  • Zaytoun ( Le'hishaer ba'hayim) 2012, Israeli Movie
    Zaytoun ( Le'hishaer ba'hayim) 2012, Israeli Movie

Zaytoun ( Le'hishaer ba'hayim) 2012, Israeli Movie

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A moving story directed by Eran Riklis, about an Israeli soldier taken into captivity and an Arab boy who saves him and their adventures on the way home.

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Beirut,Lebanon, 1982, just months before the "Shalom Hagalil War", an Israeli pilot, Yoni (played by Stephen Dorff) is forced to abandon his plane after it was shot down and is captured by the PLO. Yoni meets a young Arab boy, Fahed (Abdallah El Akal) while in captivity and he convinces him to help him escape and get back to Israel in exchange for getting the boy back to his ancestral home. As they begin their dangerous and adventure packed journey back home, the boy and the soldier are, at first, enemies but over time through the adventures and experiences together, they gradually begin to form a special friendship. The movie goes to show that even through all the religious and ideological differences between the two, an unlikely friendship and trust can be built. 
Director: Eran Riklis
Writer: Nader Rizq (screenplay)
Stephen Dorff - Yoni
Abdallah El Akal - Fahed
Ali Suliman - Syrian Officer
Alice Taglioni - Leclair
Loai Nofi - Aboudi
Tarik Kopty - Seedo (as Tarik Kopti)
Ashraf Barhom - Plo Fighter
Mira Awad - Im Ahmed
Jony Arbid - Abu Fahed (as Joni Arbib)
Ashraf Farah - Khaled
  • Language: English, Hebrew subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2012
  • Genre: Drama, War & Military
  • Media: DVD Pal (Euro) System
  • Runtime: 110 min