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  • Shirat Naomi DVD-Israeli
    Shirat Naomi DVD-Israeli

Shirat Naomi -Israeli DVD

No Longer Available

Set of 2 DVDs with selected recordings and performances of Naomi Shemer.


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Her singing with strength, with richness, and in her own style.

Her singing is for any age, anywhere, any time.

During the Festivals, during the week, for happy times, for sad times.

The words and melody blend perfectly, the joy of her singing embraces people, views, tastes and thoughts.

Through this album you will be able to go back and discover the Naomi Shemer, the composer of choruses that were arranged in her honor, on her travels around Israel, with soldiers, and also with friends, and members of the family.

The album includes:

-Shirat Naomi - Naomi Shemer and along with her fascinating stories behind the songs. (Hebrew)

- Rare and original pieces from the Broadcasting Authority Archives.

- 42 songs filmed together with the possibility of subtitles in the film.

- A selection of clips from Channel 1 with Naomi Shemer hosting 'Asif', 'Like a Hatzav', 'Retelling the Exodus of Egypt'.

- Naomi Shemer as a guest on the programme, 'Shmil The Cat.'

- Bonus songs 'Singing The Aleph Bet', 'Every Year in Fall', 'Anything is Possible' [in an additional version].

- An attractive booklet of songs.

  • Media: NTSC (USA) DVD