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  • Eretz Nehederet Israel TV-Series
    Eretz Nehederet Israel TV-Series

Eretz Nehederet Israel TV-Series - Season I - DVD


Won the Israeli Television Academy Award A funny, sharp satire show aired once a week discussing the events that took place that past week.In Hebrew with Hebrew subtitles

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185 minutes of the best skits, behind the scenes and goofs from the first 6 seasons of this award winning Israeli satire TV show. All the most loved skits in one festive package.

Hebrew Language with Hebrew subtitles

Series Directed by Johnathan Gurfinkel

Series Writing credits

  • Yuval Friedman
  • David Lifshitz
  • Omri Marcus
  • Arik Segev
  • Eran Zarahovitsh


  • Tal Friedman
  • Eli Finish
  • Mariano Idelman
  • Alma Zack
  • Dov Navon
  • Eyal Kitzis
  • Yuval Semo
  • Orna Banai
  • Assi Cohen
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Original Release date: 2007
  • Media: NTSC (USA) DVD
  • Runtime: 185 min