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  • Tmunot Yafoiyot  1996  TV Series
    Tmunot Yafoiyot  1996  TV Series

Tmunot Yafoiyot 1996 TV Series

No Longer Available

Ptolemy's stories have a unique atmosphere of the underworld in Jaffa legend that combines fantasy with wisdom and crime, and a lot of humor and slang very original and unique. With Uri Gavriel Ben-Ari Mill, Amos Lavi, Salim Daw, Arieh Elias, Orna Banai, life Znati.
Includes 12 episodes on 2 discs

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Television avenue "Jaffa images" based on the stories of Menachem Talmi, describes the deeds and adventures of the great Solomon, Prosper, ferrule, beautiful Angel, Zaki Shakshuka and their friends and their colleagues, their families, their associates, representatives of the underworld of Jaffa. The struggles with their enemies gangs representatives of other places like Ramle who are trying to invade their relationship to their territories in Jaffa and the not so friendly with the police of Jaffa put a watchful eye on them also tolerant and refrain from using their services in the best when needed.
When producers Eric Lobitzki mountain and wrote all the episodes together with spring Talmor based on different stories of Menachem Talmi how often incorporated into one chapter.