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Kol Nidre Sung by Popular Cantors, Jewish Music Israel CD

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Nine versions of the Kol Nidre prayer as sung by a variety of talented cantors plus one intrumental track.

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The Kol Nidre prayer is sung by a variety of popular cantors on one CD album. Included are Cantors Yossele Rosenblatt, Al Jolson, Moshe Koussevitzki, Binyamin Unger, Leibale Waldman, Gershon Sirota, Zawel Kwartin and Jan Peerce.

The Kol Nidre prayer is the pinnacle of the Yom Kippur Eve prayer. When devout Jews begin their supplications to G-d for a caring, positive judgement as He decides the fate of each individual for the coming year.

A talented cantor can evoke many emotions with his voice as he sings the generations old melodies of the High Holiday prayers. Listen for yourselves and prepare your thoughts for these holiest of days.

1. Yosele Rosenblatt (version 1)
2. Al Jolson
3. Moshe Koussevitzki
4. Binyamin Unger
5. Leibale Waldman
6. Gershon Sirota
7. Zawel Kwartin
8. Jan Peerce
9. Yosele Rosenblatt (version 2)
10. Instrumental suite by Max Bruch

  • Author/Artist: Various Artist
  • Genre: Yiddish
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 10