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  • FREE Hannukah Songs DVD
    FREE Hannukah Songs DVD

FREE Hannukah Songs DVD

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Enjoy this great DVD in time for Hannukah!VCD (Can be seen on any DVD players or ANY computer DVD)

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Hanukah begins on Kislev 25 and is celebrated annually for 8 days. This holiday commemorates the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem by the Macabbees after lying in ruins under Greek rule.+It is also called the Festival of Light for the Victory of Light over darkness and the miracle of the cruse of oil. Hanukah celebrates the Macabee’s victory and the achievement of the freedom. Memorahs, Dreidels, Lakkats and Hanukah Gelt make the Hanukah special for children and adults alike.

  1. The Candle lighting Blessing
  2. Maoz Zur – The Rock of Ages
  3. Yamei Hanukah – O Hanukah
  4. Hanerot Halalu – These lights
  5. Simu Shemen – Bring the oil
  6. Sevevon – Dreidel
  7. Hava Narima – Praise the Banner
  8. Hanukah - Hanukah
  9. Mi Y’mallel – Who can retell
  10. Gilu Hamacabim – Rejoice of the Hamacabim
  11. Hanukiya leyesh – I have a Menorah
  12. Anu Nosim Lapidim- We carry the torches
  13. Kad Katan – Little pitcher
  14. Neoriti Hazirim – O small lights
  15. Banu Chosech Legaresh – Push aside darkness
  16. Nerli – I have a candle
  17. Shivchai Maoz – Praise of the Rock