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  • FREE Purim & Tu B'shevat DVD
    FREE Purim & Tu B'shevat DVD

FREE Purim & Tu B'shevat DVD

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Purim in song and dance and Tu BShevat - New Year for trees.

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Purim, celebrated in the middle of the joyous month of Adar, marks the rescue of Persian Jewry from Hamanעs plot. We read the Megillah, send each other gifts, give alms and enjoy a festive meal, drinking until we cannot discern between blessed be Mordecai and cursed be Haman. Purims piels and costumes make this holiday especially colorful. This cassette of the Purim story, itעs background, customs and songs, will delight young and old alike  - Happy Purim!


Tu BעShevat, the New Year for trees, is a unique holiday, with tree planting, blossoming almond trees, the Tu BעShevat Seder, songs and hymns praising the wonders of nature. This cassette presents the story of Tu B'Shevat, accompanied by familiar songs


Purim songs

  • Hag Purim
  • Shosanat Yaakov (The Rose of Jacob)
  • Leitzan Katan (Little Clown)
  • U'Mordechai Yatza (And Mordecai went out)
  • Purim spiel Yom Tov Lanu (Our Holiday)
  • Eize Yom Sameah (What a Happy Day)


Tu BעShevat songs

  • Hashkedia Porahat (The Almond Tree Blooms)
  • Kach Holchim Hashotlim (Here Come the Planters)
  • Tu B'Shevat Vals Lehaganat Hatzomeah (Nature Protection Waltz)
  • Media: DVD
  • Number of songs: 9