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  • Hebrew Children’s Songs, 5 CD Gift Box
    Hebrew Children’s Songs, 5 CD Gift Box

Greatest Hebrew Children’s Songs of All Times, 5 CD Gift Box

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If you are looking to teach Hebrew for children, look no further than this incredible collection of Hebrew children’s songs. 

The five disc collection is the perfect method for kids to learn while having fun with some truly classic tunes.

5 CDs, 190 songs in a gift pack.

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This is the ultimate collection in Hebrew children’s songs, including many works that have been part of the Israeli tradition for several generations.  This five-disc collection of Hebrew songs will allow you to teach your children or grandchildren Hebrew with the very same tunes that you too grew up on. 


Many of Israel’s foremost poets and writers have penned songs for children, including the likes of HN Bialik, Natan Alterman and Avraham Shlonsky.  When the composer Nahum Nardi put Bialik’s works to music, a unique tradition of Hebrew children’s songs was born.  Many of these very Hebrew songs are found in this excellent collection.  


Each of the five disks is themed. 

  • The first disc is titled What a Joyful Day and focuses on birthday songs.  These include classics such as Cake, Cake (Oogah, Oogah in Hebrew) and My Hat.
  • The second disc is aimed at toddlers, reflecting a growing awareness of the world around them.  Songs include, What do the Trees Do and The Mail Came Today.
  • The third disc is dedicated to animal songs such as Shoobi Doobi, Hopa Hey and Little Rabbit. 
  • You will find 48 holiday and seasonal songs on disc number four.  They include Happy New Year, I Have a Menorah and Shlomit is Building a Sukkah.
  • The fifth and final disc of this Hebrew songs collection is called A Happy Choir and includes the classic, The Most Beautiful Girl in Kindergarten.


Each song is performed by top Israeli artists including Hava Alberstein and Arik Einstein.

  • Genre: Children
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 190
  • Number of CDs: 5