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  • Eshkolit: A collection of songs and creations by Ze'ev Havatzelet - Music CD - 2010
    Eshkolit: A collection of songs and creations by Ze'ev Havatzelet - Music CD - 2010

Eshkolit: A collection of songs and creations by Ze'ev Havatzelet - Music CD - 2010

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Hebrew Music Heritage Association and Nahum (Nachtshe) Hyman present: A collection of songs by the late composer, director and folk dance choreographer Ze'ev Havatzelet.
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Ze'ev Havatzelet was an Israeli artist and musician, one of the major figures in popular Israeli music and modern Israeli folk music and Israeli folk dance. Active in Israeli music from childhood, he wrote many of Israel's best loved folk songs.

Born in Gaza in 1922, Havatzelet and his family moved to Tel Aviv in following the riots of 1929. In1938, Havatzelet lost his mother and was sent to a boarding school at Kibbutz Givat HaShlosha, where he proved remarkably adept at writing poetry and composing songs, art, directing, nature and science, and politics. Havatzelet established a branch of the HaShomer HaTzair youth movement at the kibbutz and was a leading figure in all kibbutz activities.

As a student at Seminar Hakibbutzim College, Havatzelet became active in the Israeli folk dance movement, and while still in teachers' seminary was a member of the Folk Dance Committee of the Histadrut Labor Federation (1947-1950).

Havatzelet fought in the War of Independence at Kibbutz Degania and when the Nahal Brigade was established, he was named the brigade's first cultural officer, and founded the first Nahal entertainment troupe.

In the early 1950s, Havatzelet began working as a film director. But two weeks before the premiere of his first movie, he was killed in a tractor accident while working the fields at Kibbutz Beit Alfa. He was only 40.

His capabilities are summarized by the poet Haim Guri: 'One of the blessed ones, who's been kissed on the forehead, one of the elect.'

A comprehensive booklet is included with the CD that covers all his work, lyrics and information about the circumstances of their writing and many photos.

Among the songs in the collection:

  • L'an Noshevet HaRuach -Where the wind blows (4 different melodies and performances)
  • Eshkolit-grapefruit,
  • Ne'echaz B'chol Mishlat -Grasping at any sign
  • Pizmon M'M - Chorus M'M
  • Stav - Fall
  • Hore Agadati - Fabled parent
  • Har V'Car Horiku
  • and more...

Performances by: The Gevatron, Tzemed HaDudaim, Nehama Hendel, Ilka & Aviva, C. Hyman.

Selected readings by Yossi Yadin are interspersed between the musical tracks.