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For Everyone – Jerusalem: 62 Beautiful Songs of Jerusalem (3 CD set )

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Collection of 3 CDs brings together some of the best-loved Israeli songs about the eternal city of Jerusalem

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Going back to the time of King David, Jerusalem's beauty and unique place in Jewish tradition has sparked innumerable poems and songs. The tradition of honoring the ancient city of Jerusalem in music continues today, and Israeli songs about Jerusalem have become an inseparable part of the canon of modern Israeli music – classic, "Eretz-Israeli," and rock.


Jerusalemon the hills – with its great stones, gates, hidden alleyways, and special light at sunset, its cafes and shops and homes, its houses of worship – has something that no other city does. Few people can visit Jerusalem and remain unmoved by a certain special something that has been an inspiration to Israeli musicians since before the state was founded and remains so today.


Songs featured in the collection For Everyone – Jerusalem  span decades of Israeli creativity and musical output, as well as genres and styles.  Religious and secular, Western and Oriental, classic and cutting-edge artists have all come together to try and capture in music the city's special character.


Featured artists include such well-known musicians and performers as Yossi Banai, Ehud Banai, Meir Banai, Yoram Gaon, Shoshana Damari, Meir Ariel, Glykeria, Gevatron, Ilanit, Rivka Zohar, The Yarkon Bridge Trio, HaParvarim, Yaffa Yarkoni, Ruhama Raz, Ruti Navon, and Shuli Natan, among others.


The cover art on For Everyone – Jerusalem is a lovely montage of color photographs of the Old City and the new city, representing the same kind of variety within harmony that this song collection does.


  1. A sampling of the Jerusalem songs included on the three CDS:
  2. Pear Street 1 [Rechov Agas 1]
  3. Jerusalemof Gold [Yerushalayim Shel Zahav]
  4. Praise Jerusalem [Shabechi Yerushalyim]
  5. My Beloved Zion [Zion Tamati]
  6. Why Don't You Ask, Zion? [Zion HaLo Tishali]
  7. I Am Here [Hineni kahn]
  8. On Top the Summit of Mount Scopus [MeAl Pisgat har HaTzofim]
  9. Simon and Me and Little Mouis [Ani V'Shimon V'Mois HaKatan]
  10. Mercy Gate [Sha'ar HaRachamin]
  11. My Jerusalem [Yerushalayim Sheli]
  12. On His Hands will Bring [Al kapav Yavi]
  13. This is Jerusalem [Zot Yerusalayim]
  14. For You Jerusalem [Lach Yerushalayim]
  15. Light & Jerusalem [Or V'Yerushalayim]
  16. The Western Wall [HaKotel]
  17. Ammunition Hill [Givat HaTachmoshet]
  18. Guards of the Walls [Shomer HaChomot]
  19. and more.
  • Number of songs: 62
  • Number of CDs: 3