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  • Israeli Classic Songs CD
    Israeli Classic Songs CD

Israeli Rainbow - Classic Songs CD

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Enjoy these great Israeli songs! Listen to these great songs from different classic artists.

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1) Hallelukah S. Or/Oshrat
2) Medley
a. Zemere Zemer Lach (A Song for You) A. Ben-Zeev
b. Ve Shuv Itchem (With You Again ) Barak/ N. Hirsch
c. Tzena Tzena (Go Out, Girls) T. Chagiz/ Y Meiron
d. Hava Naggila (Let Us Rejoice) A. D. Adelson
3) Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold) N. Shemer
4) Medley
a. Haruach Noshevet Krirah (The Chilly Wind Blows) C. Chefer
b. Hineh Mah Tov (Behold How Good) Psalm 133
c. Shoshana Shoshana (Rose, Rose) C. Chefer
5) Chelkat Elokim (A Divine Piece of Land) R. Zohar, Y.T. Lev/ N. Hirsch
6) Medley
a. Ve Or Libinu (And The Lights of Our Herats) s. Carlbach
b. Chemdat Yamim ( The Ancient Love) S. Carlbach
7) Arbayim (Forty) O. Chaza and B Aloni/ O. Chaza and K. Oshrat
8) Al Haderech Etz Omed (A Tree Stands on the Way)
9) Maderech El Hakfar (The Way to the Village) R. Zohar and Y. T. Lev/ N. Hirsch
10) Medley
a. HaKol Zahav (Everything is Gold) I. Massouri/ C. Chefer
b. Ksheh At Omeret Loh (When You Say No) I. Massouri and D. Almagor/ S. Argov
c. Kacha Stam (Just Like That) I. Massouri and I Hillel/ S. Argov
d. Hem He-Eem (If They) I. Massouri and I Hillel/ S. Argov
11) Gvanim (The Many Colors) I. Massouri and I Hillel/ Y. Gordon
12) Chorshat Haeukaliptus (The Grove of the Eucalyptus) I. Massouri and N. Shemer/ N. Shemer