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  • Rock in Israel, Israeli Music Anthology 1967-2009, 5-CD collection
    Rock in Israel, Israeli Music Anthology 1967-2009, 5-CD collection

Rock in Israel, Israeli Music Anthology 1967-2009, 5-CD collection

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Amazing, all encompassing, anthology of the first 50 years of Rock 'n Roll in Israel. Showcasing some of the early Rock musicians on the Israeli music scene, this 5-CD collection has 88 of the most popular songs spanning most of the early history of the State of Israel. Bring home the memories!

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Israel in the early 1960s - when the revolutionary tide of rock and roll was sweeping all over the world - saw the Israeli music scene ruled by the accordion, French and Russian music. The bands that ruled the music industry at the time all include these three components. The music establishment of the times denounced those who listened to "Salon music" (those pioneers of rock and roll all kinds: Elvis, Paul Anka, Cliff Richard, etc.), when the accepted mentality was to be a member of the Scout movement and singing labor songs about the homeland filled with pathos.

In early 1963 there began to appear in discotheques of South Tel Aviv, Bat Yam and Ramleh (later the rest of the country) rhythm bands that were primarily engaged in imitations of big hits from abroad while at the same time also began to influence mainstream Israeli music.

Another stage in the evolution of Israeli rock was a meeting between Arik Einstein, Shmulik Kraus and Josie Katz symbolized the emancipation of Israeli music from the shackles of Russian music and French dominance. Hebrew's simpler lyrics, rhythms and vocal harmonies that showed a clear influence from the Beatles' new sounds, all led to the new sound in Israeli music.

Two years later the first Israeli rock album comes to market. Arik Einstein the band 'the churchillim' to come and play on his album "Posey " In addition to their playing for the album, they brought as a gift the song "Achinoam" – the Hebrew version of their hit song "When You're Gone". A year later, continuing cooperation between Arik Einstein and Shalom Hanoch brought out the albums "Shablul" and l"Plastilena". Hanoch continued to greatly affect Israeli rock in the future.

From then on the rock became a central element in Israeli music - with some years in which it is a key part and other years in which it was pushed aside. Israeli rock is now celebrating 50 years on the music scene and NMCUnited is proud to present this 5-CD collection: Rock of Israel - Anthology - 2009-1967

The collection covers the Israeli Rock music scene as it developed over the years and includes all the major artists who have become an integral part of Israeli life and memories, including: Arik Einstein, Acharit HaYamim (End of Days), Shlomo Artzi, Ehud Banai, Benzene, Gidi Gov, Friends of Natasha, HaYehudim (the Jews), HaChurchillims, Shalom Hanoch, Kaveret, Machina, Berry Sakharov, Rami Fortis, Yehudit Ravitz, Tislam, Tammuz, and many more.

  • Publisher: NMC United
  • Original Release date: Feb 2011
  • Genre: Rock n Roll
  • Number of songs: 88
  • Number of CDs: 5