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  • The Yarkon Bridge Trio
    The Yarkon Bridge Trio

The Yarkon Bridge Trio

No Longer Available

This is a real treat for the Israeli songs lovers. Media Direct collected all the songs don by the Yarkon Bridge Trio including some songs that were never recorded on CDs. 3 CD set, 48 songs with a Book of Songs

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Disk 1 ? 17 songs 52.00 minutes

Ho, What a Beautiful Day
The Vacation is Over
When the Light is On in Your Room
Al Ta'avri Levad Yalda
And Maybe
Ayelet Ahavim
Oh, Such a Meeting
A Night in Aczeev
No Were
A Serenade for You
Where are All the Flowers
If Only You Will Come at Five
Let Me Finish a Word
The Building Constructers Love

Disk 2 ? 15 songs 44.01 minutes

The Golden Apple
Why Won't You Go Out With Me
The Love
Shalom Al Hagalim
An Old Shack
The Chizbatroon Anthem
Hora Bilu
Yad Lape
And Cain Escaped
All Because of Love
Autumn of Love
Love in Clues
Night of Battle
Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi
This Pain

Disk 3 ? 16 songs 45.15 minutes

It Means You Are Young

Blue As a Dream
The Goblet
For You
Grey City
Song Rises
The Harel Battle
Al Tichasy Ze Lo Ason
Re'ach Tapuach Adom Shani
Come Girl
Why Alone
He Was
Ariye, Ariye
When Peace Comes

  • Genre: Music Collection
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 48
  • Number of CDs: 3