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  • Ariel Meir - I Confess
    Ariel Meir - I Confess

Ariel Meir - I Confess

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- Ariel Meir -
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From the CD cover: This album, the heritage of Meir Ariel, is composed mostly of songs found at his house after his death. Meir recorded himself (guitar and vocals) on tapes using a home device. This recordings made the basis upon which we added our music (as best as we could), we were with him and he was with us.

List of songs:
1. I confess

2. Heartburn for the memory

3. For a smoke

4. Stomachs and asses

5. You give up on a country only in the heart

6. Yells what he is missing

7. Mona Lisa in the bank

8. Don

  • Author/Artist: Ariel Meir
  • Genre: Pop/Rock
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 13