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  • Eyal Sela - Darma - Israel Music CD 1999
    Eyal Sela - Darma - Israel Music CD 1999

Eyal Sela - Darma - Israel Music CD 1999

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Song List:

Dawn, Intro, Dublin, Bukhara, A Troll in the Desert, There is Speed, Taxim, Ethiopians, Everything there was, Edom Mount, Mazhar, Bharat - Middle Eastern Raga

Eyal Sela - Bansuri, Norwegian Osterdal, Irish Penny Whistle, Turkish Clarinet, Vocals
Avi Agababa - Durbukkeh, Turkish Durbukkeh, Bass Durbukkeh, Bandir, Tambourine, Cymbals, Chimes, Kangiro, Pandero
Yair Dalal - Oud, Oriental Violin
Yinon Mualem - Oudo, Zarb, Mazhar, Duff, Moroccan Bangos
Noam Topelberg - Fretless Bass
Ilan Ben Ami - Saz, Oud, Jumbush, Classical Guitar
Tal Yaniv - Synthesisess
Yosi Ron - Acoustic Guitar
Eyal Faran - Surmandal
Sharon Ben Zadok - Vocals

'...As in the album World Music, Darma sound like a smart and delicate comination of those influences and more. The different musical languages, the ryhthem, the melodys and harmonic colors, all of those feed eachother.'

'...After listening to Eyal Sela one can easily say that his ethnic music is in the highest quality' '...Darma is original music wieving ryhthems and bits in a mixture of ethnic culture from the mediteranean and exiting musical instroments.'

'...Sela creates here a CD that can stand tall in the competition between musicians from all over the world...'

  • Genre: Monthly Sale
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 11