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  • Sarit Hadad - Child of love
    Sarit Hadad - Child of love

Sarit Hadad - Child of love

No Longer Available
7856 - With the song ''Light a Candle'' the chosen song in the Eurovision.
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Sarit Hadad on her way to the Eurovision hall, when every one will be looking at the stage she will sing the chosen song: 'Light a Candle' that was written by Yoav Ginnay and composed by Tzvika Pik, the same ensemble which created 'Diva' and gave Dana International unforgettable success.
The processing of song was by Shay Reuveni and Yaron Gotfrid was in charge of processing the violins.

List of songs:
1. Srufa Ale'cha
2. Ata Totach
3. Like As If
4. Lets Light a Candle
5. I Am Not Madonna
6. Not Good For The Both Of Us
7. Mr. D.J
8. See The Pain
9. Child Of Love
10. The Sadness Inside Me
11. Carnivals

  • Author/Artist: Sarit Hadad
  • Genre: Mizrahi (Oriental)
  • Media: Music CD