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  • Zohar Argov  - Hidden things
    Zohar Argov  - Hidden things

Zohar Argov: Don't Ask - Hidden things (Al Nevakesh - Dvarim Nistarim), Music CD 1999

No Longer Available

Zohar Argov is an Israeli vocalist and the most famous star of Oriental/Mizrahi Music.  Israel will never have another Zohar Argov who can claim as much commercial success during and after the short-lived seven year career of this Israeli singer.  "Don't Ask," a CD Album, released in 1999, is just one of the many recordings in Israel-Catalogue that have harvested notable triumph.

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The overwhelming success of Zohar Argov songs before and after his death has forced new recordings of his music  to mix more than one song on one single track.


"Don't Ask" has three tracks that mix more than three of Zohar Argov's songs for a total of at least nine songs on three tracks.  In this manner, more songs can be added on one CD Album.A most poignant, deeply moving and touching moment is when Zohar Argov sings "Jerusalem of Gold."  It exemplifies Zohar Argov longing for his Jewish roots, for Jerusalem and his memories of his soulful Yemenite upbringing in Rishon LeZion, Israel, where he was born in 1955.


Zohar Argov is also consistently committed to Judasim as he also sings The Woman of  Valor on this same CD Album too.As much as Oriental/Mizrahi music today has moved forward with more foreign influences, it has also remained grounded in the early foundation of Zionism and the Jewish State.


List of Songs:
1. Al Nevakesh
2. Hoy Ima
3. Od yom Yavo, Sham harchek Bayaar, Zel etz tamar, Eshet Chail, Hakesem hashachor
4. Ma lach Yalda, Agonia
5. Yerushalaim shel Zahav, argonia
6. Gozlim Amen
7. Reaya, Levad Yoshevet, Lama El
8.Et yaale Yarech, Shcharchoret

  • Author/Artist: Zohar Argov
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 8