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  • Zohar Argov - Life & Death of a King - Music CD Set
    Zohar Argov - Life & Death of a King - Music CD Set

Zohar Argov: Life and Death of a King, Oriental Israel Music 17 CD Collection

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Zohar Argov is the "King" of Oriental and Mizrahi Music.  Included in this 17 CD Collection, Life and Death of a King, are the original recordings encompassing the entire life work of Zohar Argov with special tributes by friends.  A special booklet with a biography of Zohar and a special gift case are bonuses in this package.

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More than twenty years after his death, Zohar Argov continues to be a legend and a legacy in Oriental and Mizrahi Music.  His contributions to Israeli, Sephardic and Jewish Music worldwide cannot be overstated here.  Argov, by himself, catapulted Mizrahi and Oriental Music, formerly enjoyed exclusively by Sephardic communities into mainstream Israeli National culture and into Ashkenazic and Jewish cultures too.


It can be said that Zohar Argov was also a musical genius.  He was able to perform a track for recording in one studio session and improvise a song in a moment.Moreover, he applied his religious soulful oriental style of music to western and universal themes such as love, heartache, disappointments, joy and addiction. Unfortunately, Argov's life and career war marred by his heroin and drug addictions which led to his untimely death at the early age of 32 years old.


Argov's debut album, Elinor (1980) features the hit songs, "The Secret of the Zodiac" and "What Do You Have Girl," a tribute to his ex-wife, Bracha, who remained the love of his life.  These and other great hits included here, "The Flower in My Garden," "There Were Times (In The Past)" and "Badad" are now Israeli and Jewish Classics while Zohar has reached International recognition for his lifetime achievements.


As a bonus, this 17 CD Collection includes a booklet with a biography of Zohar Argov and a special gift case.


List of the 17 CDs are:

  1. Elinor
  2. There Was a Time
  3. Up to Date
  4. My Life Goes By
  5. To Be Someone
  6. Floods of Tears
  7. In the Yemenite Garden
  8. Son Without a Home
  9. Lets Not Ask
  10. Big Souveneir
  11. Zohar hosts a party
  12. Friends sing Zohar A
  13. Friends sing Zohar B
  14. Friends sing Zohar C
  15. Friends sing Zohar D
  16. Girl I've waited years
  17. Everyday that passes
  • Author/Artist: Zohar Argov
  • Genre: Mizrahi (Oriental)
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of CDs: 17