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  • Zohar Argov: Son Without A Home, Oriental/Mizrahi Israel Music CD Album 1994
    Zohar Argov: Son Without A Home, Oriental/Mizrahi Israel Music CD Album 1994

Zohar Argov: Son Without A Home, Oriental/Mizrahi Israel Music CD Album 1994

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A few years after the death of Zohar Argov, the CD Album, Son Without A Home was released in 1994.  It is a composite and mix of various songs of Zohar Argov and the notable hit song, "The Flower in My Garden." Zohar Argov is the most famous singer in Israel of Oriental and Mizrahi music.

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The melancholy title of the CD Album, Son Without A Home, sums up the type of lyrics Zohar Argov often sang in his songs.  Depression followed Zohar Argov like the "monkey on his back" with his heroin and drug addictions. However, his melodies pursued a higher realm out of Zohar's dark world.


His music opened the hearts of many Israelis as he filled them up with his soulful songs about love, heartache, depression, addiction and sometimes even alittle joy.


The first track of the CD album is a mix of the songs "Son Without A Home," "There is No Country" and "My Mother."  Disappointment, disillusionment and heartache are the themes of these songs.  The listener experiences a brief moment of Zohar Argov's reality, of his life and can feel empathy and identify with all that Argov feels through the emotive vocal singing of Zohar.  At the same time, the listener gets hooked on the melodic sounds, vocals and instrumental back up too.


There is no escaping an evening with Zohar Argov without a tear in one's eyes.  Take a look at the album covers of Zohar Argov.  The tears in his eyes can be seen too even with a smile on his face."The Flower in My Garden" is so emotional to all who listen to and love Zohar Argov that it is studied in Israeli schools, Ulpan Courses of Hebrew and courses in Israeli songwriting, poetry and creative writing classes.


The successes of a play about Zohar at the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv and the continued commercial success of the film about Zohar cannot underscore the deep affection that one has for the music and life work of Zohar Argov

List of Songs:

A Son Without A Home,There is No Country, My Mother

2. Dream, Give Time To Go

3. The Walls of Your Eyes, Remember Me, Beautiful

4. Like Dawn

5. My Beloved Diali, Dorbacha 

6. Play Me A Song 

7. I Will Ask My God, The Flower in My Garden

  • Author/Artist: Zohar Argov
  • Genre: Mizrahi (Oriental)
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 7