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  • Zohar Argov - Those were the days - Music CD
    Zohar Argov - Those were the days - Music CD

Zohar Argov - There Were Times - Oriental Israel Music CD 1981

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"There Were Times," (1981), was Zohar Argov's second album and included the big hit, "At Li Layla."  Zohar Argov is perhaps the most famous Oriental/Mizrahi singer of  Israel.

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After the huge success of  Zohar Argov's first album, "Elinor,"  Argov followed up his string of hit songs with his second album, "There Were Times." Already an overnight star and considered a musical genius by many Israelis, Argov Zohar continued his hot career and often turbulent personal life with the huge hit, "At Li Lila," on his second album, "There Were Times," which was released in 1981.


His music opened the doors for Oriental and Mizrahi music to become part of the National Israel culture.  Radio stations had to accept and play Zohar Argov's hits because of the high demand by the public for his music and the high revenue of sales from his albums.


Often music radio stations limited or minimized the air time for Mizrahi musicians and artists focusing more on Israeli styles of music which  were were becoming greatly influenced by Ashkenazim and Western cultures.  Ironically, Israeli music's early history was greatly influenced by Mizrahi, Sephardic and Jewish music. In addition, Israelis today cannot claim to be "real" citizens of the State of Israel without having listened to Zohar Argov.


Hear Zohar Argov in this original recording CD Album, "Elinor" and witness his accomplishment and contributions to Israeli music.


List of Songs:
1. Haya ze Beerev Sagrir - It Was A Cloudy Evening
2. Tzel etz Tamar Vor Yareach - Shade of a Palm Tree

3. At Li Layla - You Are My Night
4. bartzelona - Barcelona
5. Hayu Zmanim  - There Were Times
6. Lehela Yazid Actar
7. Neelma Bli Milim - Disappeared Without Words
8. Haperach shenaval -  The Flower of the Harp
9. Ahavat Reaya Retzoni - A Wife of Love, My Will
10. Shir Ahava Balev - A Love Song in the Heart

  • Author/Artist: Zohar Argov
  • Genre: Mizrahi (Oriental)
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 10