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  • The big box of Yehoram Gaon
    The big box of Yehoram Gaon

The big box of Yehoram Gaon

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Yoram Ga'on - A collection that portrays the history of Israel threw Yoram Gaon's songs. 16 CD set, 204 songs
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A collection of 16 CDs that portrays the history of Israel threw Yoram Gaon's songs.
The collection presents original recordings, dozens recorded on CD for the first time.
Also a booklet with the words of all the songs and rare stills photos of the artist.
CD 1 Kazablan. 12 songs such as Bravo (Kol Hakavod), Jaffa, Rosa and many more.

CD 2 I Am From Jerusalem. 10 songs such as I Am Here (Hineni Kan), Minister Moshe Montifiory (Hasar Moshe Montifioi), Tunes (Ani Ose Li Manginot), Mountain (Me'al Pisgat Har Hatsofim) and many more.

CD 3 Yours For Awhile. 12 songs such as Irma Kro Madra, Helen and many more.

CD 4 Mediterranean Love. 13 songs such as Ben Porat Yosef, Love is Like Sugar (Ahava Hi Kmo Sukar) and many more.

CD 5 Where Are You Love. 12 songs such as Where Are You Love (Efo At Ahuva), Where Are The Girls (Efo Hen Habahurot Hahen) and many more.

CD 6 Moshe Smilansky Songs. 11 songs such as A Night of Bloom (Layla Shel Prihot), Bright Night (Layla Bahir) and many more.

CD 7 One Man Show. 12 songs such as Don't Be A Full in Love (Al Tishtate Beahava), Rachel and many more.

CD 8 Singing. 11 songs such as The Singing Will Not Stop (Anachnu Lo Nafsik Lashir), My Father's House (Beit Avi) and many more.

CD 9 In The Temple. 12 songs such as String: Shoshana, Ruth, Bath Sheva, String in Ladino: Avra Tu Fuerte, Ci La Mar Ara De Lach, La Vida Du Por Al Raki and many more.

CD 10 Home Land. 12 songs such as Ancient Tune (Nigun Atik), Two Roses (Shnei Shoshanim) and many more.

CD 11 My Love Was Not Enough. 12 Songs Such As My Love Was Not Enough (Od Lo Ahavti Day), Home Land (Shalom Lach Eretz Nehederet), Narrow Bridge (Gesher Tzar) and many more.

CD 12 Sun Rise. 10 songs such as Sunrise (Shemesh Ola), We Match (Anahnu Matimim Yafati) and many more.

CD 13 Yehoram Ga'on Rise. 11 songs such as Save My Tune (Shimri Li Al Hamangina), The Messiah's Donkey (Hamoro Shel Mashiah) and many more.

CD 14 Road Marks Rise. 10 songs such as Under Your Wing (Achnisini Tachat Kanfech), On All Of That (Al Kol Ele) and many more.

CD 15 Diskette Part 1. 23 songs such as The Last War (Hamilhaa Ahahrona), The Medic's Ballad (Balada Lahovesh) and many more.

CD 16 Diskette Part 2. 21 songs such as In The Orchard (Bapardes Leyad Hashoket), My Golani (Golani Sheli), A Thousand Kisses (Elef Neshikot), With Or Without You Itha, Biladeha) and many more.

  • Author/Artist: Yoram Ga'on
  • Genre: Collections
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of CDs: 16