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  • Dana International
    Dana International

Dana International

No Longer Available
Dana's first CD. Released January 1st, 1993.
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List Of Songs
1.Fata morgana
3.Mi she-lo rotze oti ('Who does not want me')
4.Mishak ha-dma'ot ('The game of tears')
5.No alibi
6.Arusa ('Bride')
7.Yes Sir, I can boogie
8.Sa'ida Sultana
9.Danna International [radio edit]
10.Ha-hatzga chayyevet l-himshakh ('The show must go on')
11.Fata morgana [strings mix]
12.Samar-mar [night mix]
13.Danna International [airport version]

  • Author/Artist: Dana international
  • Genre: Dana international
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 13