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  • David Broza - The women with me
    David Broza - The women with me

David Broza: The Women With Me, Spanish , Israel Music CD 1994

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After the original Hebrew album went platinum in 1983, David Broza recorded the Spanish Version on 1 CD Album, "The Women With Me" in 1994. David Broza is an Isaeli singer, composer and a multi-cultural popular world musician of Pop Rock, Rock, Folk Rolk and Blues.
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David Broza is a most prolific composer of popular Israeli Rock, Folk Rock, Folk and Blues Music.+He was born in Haifa, Israel and educated in England and Spain. Gifted from an early age, David Broza was an artist as well as a musician. At the age of 17 years old, he was interested in the graphic arts and was already selling his paintings in the Rastro, the Sunday Flea Market of Madrid. He continued his love for the Arts in his Israeli Army service and there developed his musical career. + Inspired by Israeli poets, Yonatan Gefen, Natan Alterman and Motti Baharav, his lyrics and melodies soon became very popular. David wrote his first song with Yonatan Gefen, "Things Will Be Better," on the eve of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's arrival in Israel for peace negotiations in 1977. The song went Gold and at the age of 21, David Broza was an Israeli celebrity. He iucluded the song on his first album, "The Woman By My Side," which went Platinum in 1983.+ "The Women With Me," a variation on the title of David Broza's first album, was released in 1994 and entirely in Spanish. Already an Israeli singer songwriter super star, Broza wanted to broaden his career beyond the country of Israel and knew that to gain worldwide acceptance, he would have to write and sing in other languages. As he was already fluent in Hebrew, English and Spanish, his talent afforded him the ability to translate some of his Hebrew songs into Spanish and create new songs in Spanish and in English.+Moreover, Broza's multi-cultural background advanced his techniques on the guitar.+ He became known not only as a singer of Spanish music but a Flamenco guitarist too. Indeed, one can hear the Flamenco and Spanish influences on Broza's Israeli melodies.+ List of Songs: The Women With Me 1. La Mujer Que Yo Quiero 2. Mi Nina Se Fue A La Mar 3. Por Tu Ausencia 4. Como Tu 5. Tio Alberto 6. Ramito De Violetas 7. Que Va Ser De Ti 8. Dentro De Tu Alma

  • Genre: Pop/Rock
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 8