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  • Erez Lev Ari - Argemon [Crimson] - Music CD 2010
    Erez Lev Ari - Argemon [Crimson] - Music CD 2010

Erez Lev Ari - Argemon [Crimson] - Music CD 2010

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The new album, ''Argemon'' [Crimson] Israeli rock music composed, performed and produced by Erez Lev Ari. A long-anticipated follow-up to his successful debut album.

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Two and a half years after Israeli rock musician Erez Lev Ari's successful debut rock album 'Simchat HaPratim HaKetanim' [The Joy of Little Details] was released, his second album, 'Argemon' [Crimson] is now available.+'The Joy of the Little Details' received rave reviews upon its release and was often cited as one of the best debut album to come out in recent years. Singles from that album - 'L'vavtani', 'Tzedek' [Justice], and 'Ma E'ase' [What shall I do inch] – were warmly embraced by Israeli radio stations and the public.+Several months after his first album came out, Lev Ari was asked to try his hand a theme song for a new Israeli TV series, 'Serugim,' that focuses on characters from Israel's religious Zionist population ('serugim' refers to the crocheted kippot favored by religious Zionist men and has become a catchphrase that refers to the modern Orthodox in Israel). Within two days, he had written the song, 'Ana Efne,' which was later added to his second album.+Since the record's release, Lev Ari has appeared in concert throughout the country, patiently and steadily gaining himself a loyal and diverse fan base among connoisseurs of Israeli rock. He has established himself as one of most respected and non-compromising artists working in Israel today.+Even as 'Argemon' was released, 'Simchat HaPratim HaKetanim' continued to touch the hearts of those who heard it, and fans of the album spread the word to friends. The impressive sales to date indicate better than anything Lev Ari's quiet success.'Argemon' was produced by Erez Lev Ari, who also wrote and composed most of the songs; some of which have already been performed in concert.+Tracks from 'Argemon':+1) 'Be'yom Ekra' [I'll Read in the Day]+2) 'Boker Tov' [Good Morning]+3) 'Rak Ta'amin' [Just Believe]+4) 'Ba'sof Hayom' [At the End of the Day]+5) 'Primativim' [Primitives]+6) 'Milchama Avuda' [A Lost War]+7) 'Daber Iti' [Talk to Me]+8) 'Argemon' [Crimson]+9) 'Ba'vo Yomi' [When My Day Comes]