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  • Erez Lev Ari debut- The Joy of the Small Details - Music CD 2008
    Erez Lev Ari debut- The Joy of the Small Details - Music CD 2008

Erez Lev Ari debut- The Joy of the Small Details - Music CD 2008

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Erez Lev Ari's widely successful debut album - Simchat HaPratim HaKitanim.
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Like many fine musicians, Erez Lev- Ari was born and raised in the Haifa suburbs. He has played an active role in Israeli music for years, mostly accompanying artists such as Etti Ankri, Meir Bannai, and Leah Shabbat, to name a few.

Despite his vast musical experience, he began to compose original work only three years ago. But from the first time they were played, it was clear that the songs were already inside him, biding their time, until they were ready to see the light.

'Out of the Darkness' provided a first glimpse at Erez's debut album in progress. Considering it was a first single, 5 1/2 minutes long, from an unknown artist, the song got nice responses and airtime, and aroused interest.

The first 'official' single, 'Le'bebeitani,' is a love song based on a text from the Song of Songs. Lev-Ari's version is based on a charming combination of electric guitar, saz (a traditional stringed instrument used in Oriental music) and violin. The song was played repeatedly, sparking questions about the identity of the player and great anticipation for more work.

The Joy of the Small Details includes 11 songs, most of which wererecorded in Erez's home studio. Erez wrote, composed, produced, and arrangedalmost all of the work (with the exception of the 'Wedding' instrumental byRabbi Shlomo Carlebach).

He also plays the guitar, bass, saz, and keyboards inall the album's songs. The long list of guest artists that contributed to the hot, unique sound of the album includes: Abraham Sasson Eliyahu (bass), Oren Zur(violin), Tomer Bachar (keyboards and harp),all three of whom play with Erez in concert, Patrick Savage, Ran Shimoni(drums), Leah Shabbat, Sarit Schulnitzer, and Shachar Ariel (vocals and backup).

  • Original Release date: 2008
  • Number of songs: 11