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  • Gidi Gov  - Not a day left
    Gidi Gov  - Not a day left

Gidi Gov - Not a day left

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List of Songs:
1. Ne`echaz ba-Avir (Caught In The Air)
2. Anan Meushar (Happy Cloud)
3. Na`arah be-Mishkafayim (Girl With Glasses)
4. Lamah Libech Kmo Kerach? (Why Is Your Heart Like Ice?)
5. be-Sadeh Yarok (In A Green Field)
6. Ktanah Achat (Little One)
7. Eyn Od Yom (Not A Day Left)
8. Ani Shuv Mitahev (I Fall In Love Again)
9. At, Ani, ve-ha-Dayag ha-Vikingi (You, Me, And The Viking Fisherman)
10. Adayin Mechakeh Lach (Still Waiting For You)
11. bi-Ktseh ha-Ma`arav (At The Edge Of The West)
12. Singing A Song

  • Author/Artist: Gidi Gov
  • Genre: Pop/Rock
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 12