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  • Gov with guests 2
    Gov with guests 2

Gov with guests 2

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A collection of songs sang by Gidi Gov and different artists. From the Laila Gov T.V. Program.

CD 1
1. Lesson (Shi'ur Moledet) with Shlomo Artzi
2. Autumn (Stav) with Yehudit Ravitz
3. Apple (Tapuah Hinani) with Yo'av Yitzhak
4. Plants Conservation (Vals Lehaganat hateva) with Mazi Cohen
5. Will (Hayim) with Shlomi Shabat
6. Wagon Driver (Lifa Ha'eglon) with Alon Oleharchik
7. Lonely Lantern (Panas Boded) with Mika Karni
8. The Echo (Shir Hahed) with Arik Lavi
9. Run Away (Hoze Lech Berach) with Yoni Rechter
10. An Umbrella For Two (Mitriya Bishnayim) with Meital Trabelsi
11. A Felicidade (Osher)with Leha Shabat
12. When There Is Light In Your Window (Kesheha'or Dolek Bachalonech) with Me'ir Banai
13. What A Country (Eizo Medina) with Eliluzon & Ya'akov Cohen

CD 2
1. What Will Be Will Be (Ma Yihiye Yihiye) with Yehuda Poliker
2. To The Desert (Lamidbar Sa'enu) with Eli Luzon
3. Every Body Knows (Kulam Yodyim) with Leha & Shlomi Shabat
4. All For Love (Hakol Biglal Aha'ava) with Ehud Manor
5. Jaffa In The Night (Ein Kmo Yafo Baleylot) with Atraf
6. Life Is Hard (Hahayim Kashim) with Alon Ole'archik
7. Good Trouble (Tzarot Tovot) with Shaike Levi
8. Something Stupid (Kmo Shnayim) with Ofra Fox
9. Manha De Carnaval (Haya O Ulai Lo Haya) with Ofira Yosefi
10. White Days (Yamim Levanim)
11. Don't Know What t To Say (Lo Yodeha Ma Lomar Lach)
12. La Vie En Rose (Hahayim Bevarod) with Korim Alal
13. Sad Song (Zemer Nuge) with Shlomo Artzi, Rami Kleinstein & Yoni Rechter

CD 3
1. Your Life & Mine (Hayayich Ve Hayayi) with Rita
2. Should I Fall In Love With You? (Ha'im Lihiyot Bach Me'ohav) with Aviv Gefen
3. You Can't (Eynech Yechola) With Arcadi Duchin
4. Black Board And Chalk (Luah Vegir) with Hataninim
5. Sun (Shemesh) with Ariel Zilber
6. A Tuned Sound (Tzlil Mehuvan) with Yrmi Kaplan
7. Us Two (Vehanahnu Shnayim) with Dani Dasan
8. Snakes Slough (Neshel Hanahash) with Me'ir Ariel
9. Aguas De Marco (Vahageshem Yavo) with Mika Karni
10. I Will (Tamid) with Shlomo Ydov
11. Chau Chau Bambina
12. Every Body Needs Somebody to Love with Moti Dichna
Production: Eti Dachna

  • Author/Artist: Gidi Gov
  • Publisher: Hed Artzi
  • Genre: Pop/Rock
  • Media: Music CD