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  • Meir Banai - How Much Love
    Meir Banai - How Much Love

Meir Banai - How Much Love

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How Much Love: a double album for the price of one.
The first CD includes the newest hit 'In The Name of Love' that is frequently played in all the radio stations along with the best of Banay's hits such as: 'Rain', 'The Gait of Compassion', and 'Song of Shafshaf', 'Between Them', 'Domino', 'Evyatar' and more.
The Second CD includes familiar songs in new, exciting and exotic performances, which were recorded especially for this album, including: 'To the rest', 'Soft as Silk', 'Like a Bird over the Sea' and more?

1.In The Name of Love

2.Don't Go Away


4.When the Day Raises
5.Song of Shafshaf

6.How Much Love

7. Between Them

8. Melody of Wandering

9. Different Dreams

10.Eti's Night :

11.The fisherman's Pray

12. Say Fire Say Water

13. Rain

14. You Hear
15. The Sun Leaves

16. Short Love

17. Domino
18. The Gait of Compassion


1: To the Rest
2: Soft as Silk
3: Looking for the Direction
4: Alone

5: Like a Bird over the Sea ?
6: To Her

7.In This Street
8: The First Rain
9: I Have a Chance

10. You Have the World

  • Author/Artist: Meir Banay
  • Genre: Pop/Rock
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 28
  • Number of CDs: 2