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  • Yehoram Gaon
    Yehoram Gaon

Yehoram Gaon

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After more than 35 years, Yoram Gaon gathers the best of his songs to one collection. 5 CD set, 85songs with a Book of Songs
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After more than 35 years, Yoram Gaon gathers the best of his songs to one collection.

Disk 1 ? 17 songs 63.08 minutes
Ponytail and Jumper
Mother Mother
I Have A Dream
I Remember
The Last War
Don't Fool the Love
Kineret Words
Rosa Rosa
Komi Tze'ey
Alenby Bridge
Love At My Age
Let's Return To The Tango
Ba'ality Sham Yafati
Guard The Tune For Me
Free Woman

Disk 2 ? 17 songs 59.26 minutes
Raising Sun
On the Wing of the Tune
For all these
Tango On The City
Hello Grate Land
Won't Know A War
Rip A Dream
My Father's Home
The Friendship
Night of Blossoms
Oak Tree
Only One Smile
My Racheli
Like A Squall
Affiliation in The Heart
Give Your Hand To Me

Disk 3 ? 17 songs 70.11 minutes
We Won't Stop Singing
Word Carousel
Kol Hakavod
Jerusalem My Love
Minister Motifuri
Where Are You Beloved
Eretz Zvi
Autumn Has Passed
Ballade On The Ocean And Spring
In the Orchard Near The Water Trough
The Silver Trey
Lila Lila
In Your Gates, Jerusalem
Hene Tamoo Yom Krav Ve'arvoo
The Unit Song (sayeret matkal)
Over The Top of Mount Scopes

Disk 4 ? 17 songs 63.51 minutes
One Thousand Kisses
Look Who Returned
Perhaps The Same Silence ?
Mediterranean Basin
Letter Of Fall
From Horizon to Horizon
Ancient Melody
Why Me
My Mother's Ported
Yes Yes
A Good Night For Love
Bright Night
Spring In The Heart
Let Me Under Your Wing
Haver Milim

Disk 5 ? 17 songs 63.48 minutes
You Won't Win Me
I Haven?t Loved Enough
There Is A Place
After The Rain
Road Marks
Light And Jerusalem
I Am Here
Open A Gate For Us
I Will Remember The Way
The Song To You
Roach Shtoot
Tovia's Town
Kern Sahar
A Ballade To The Paramedic
With You And With Out You

  • Author/Artist: Yehoram Gaon
  • Genre: Music Collection
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 85
  • Number of CDs: 5