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  • Yehoram Gaon - The Singles
    Yehoram Gaon - The Singles

Yehoram Gaon - The Singles

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List of songs:
Overture - Instrumental
Self-Respect - Yehoram Gaon And The Brilliantines
We Are All Jews
There\'s A Place
Discotheque And Democracy Reprise - Instrumental/Cast
Jaffa - Aliza Azikri
Anything Happen?- The Brilliantines
Rosa - Yhoram Gaon And Aliza Akikri
I\'m So Frightened
Get Off My Back, Kabablan
Brith Milah Pageant
Jerusalem ever with me
My melodies are made of
King Nimrod
Shabat & Peace
And sin shall disappear
Sir Moshe Montifiori
Numi Numi
Jerusalem my love
La Serena
Mrom Mt Scopus

  • Author/Artist: Yehoram Gaon
  • Media: Music CD
  • Number of songs: 44
  • Number of CDs: 2