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  • Yehudit Ravitz: Songs From Home, Yehudit and Yakov, Israel Music CD 2010
    Yehudit Ravitz: Songs From Home, Yehudit and Yakov, Israel Music CD 2010

Yehudit Ravitz: Songs From Home, Yehudit and Yakov, Israel Music CD 2010

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Yehudit Ravitz: Songs From Home – The CD is a tribute to Yehudit Ravitz brother, Yakov, of blessed memory and a nostalgic look at the Israelis that grew up with US Rock bands like Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath and the British Pop Rock band, The Beatles. Yehudit Ravitz rediscovers the Hebrew songs of the time that are still Israeli classics today.

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As a tribute to her family and her beloved brother, Yakov Ravitz, of blessed memory, Yehudit Ravitz has a new CD of songs collected from the Israel of the sixties called Songs From Home. It was her older brother, Yakov, that deserves the credit for introducing Yehudit Ravitz to music. He would play chords of all the solos of songs and Yehudit would try to imitate him on the guitar. She recalls, Last Passover, out of a desire to hold him for a moment, I discovered a collection of these beautiful songs…The days of 'Stairways To Heaven' are gone and today's days pass too…There are just sentimental moments, remembered Fridays sitting with my brother discovering that he plays the chords of the songs and I can sing the words.

Still, many Israelis like the Ravitz family were effected by the birth of Rock Music overseas . Yehudit Ravitz, her brother Yakov and the sixties generation of Israeli youth preferred listening to the Rock Music of Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath and the Pop Rock of the Beatles because it was considered a way to rebel against the established order of their parents. They did not ignore the music playing on their transistor radios. They just wanted more exposure and more options in their choices of music from the outside world. The youth of Israel today continues to explore world music around them and still have a love for Israel classics while some infuse all kinds of musical genres into their own middle eastern styles.

Yehudit Ravitz knows this as she also infused Rock, Folk Rock and World Music from Brazil into her own style of Israel music. Yehudit Ravitz was born in Be'er Sheva and grew up with an appreciation for music. She entered the Israeli Army and joined the army musical ensemble called Sheshet. She performed in Israel Music Festivals and sang with all the best Israel artists like Shlomo Artzi, Nurit Galron, Rami Kleinestein and Gidi Gov.

Her debut solo album was an instant commercial success in 1979. Today, all her albums are gold, platinum, double and triple platinum albums.

List of Songs:

  1. You Remember The Songs
  2. Lilac Flower
  3. Shades
  4. If All Lovers
  5. Clover Field
  6. A Song of the Sea
  7. Light
  8. You Must Ring Twice .
  9. Melodies
  10. Apple of My Life
  11. Silence
  12. Oh My Native Country
  13. Two Roses
  14. At Dusk
  15. Levavatini
  • Number of songs: 15
  • Number of CDs: 1