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  • Mosh Ben Ari LIVE - Israel  Music 2008 2 CDs + DVD Bundle
    Mosh Ben Ari LIVE - Israel  Music 2008 2 CDs + DVD Bundle

Mosh Ben Ari LIVE - Israel Music 2008 2 CDs + DVD Bundle

No Longer Available

Two music CD and one video DVD of the best of Mosh Ben Ari during his live performances and with guest artists: Barry Sochorov, Shotei HaNevua Band, Din Din Aviv and Muki. 24 songs on 3 disks

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This 3-disc pack starring Mosh Ben Ari the Israeli musician is a wonderfuladdition to your music collection, including two music discs and a DVD. Featuring a blend of rock, soul, world music and reggae, this set of CDs is a great gift for any occasion. The Live disc trio was released in 2008.+The Israeli composer was born and raised in Israel and is of Iraqi and Yemenite descent. After starting music lessons at the age of sixteen, he continued his learning in various parts of the world, including, India, Sahara and Sinai. He also excels in playing many stringed instruments, such as Persian tar, Moroccan ginberi, bass, classic and acoustic guitar and Indian sarod.+His inspiration for his musical style are the traditional songs he would hear growing up, therein flavoring his music with the Middle Eastern and traditional Jewish culture. His first solo album came out in 2001, following a brief period of being part of a band named Sheva. The band played internationally and still continue touring the world and playing in many prestigious events. Ben Ari’s unique style combined with his rich voice has made him a topnotch performer and musician.+Each of these music discs contain eight songs in Hebrew, the Israeli language, with the exeption of the track Jah is One where the singer starts the song repeating the words G-d is One in several languages. Many songs played live are starring guest singers, such as Muki and Berry Saharov. The songs are a mixture of the talented musician’s greatest hits, and all are performed on any of his earlier albums. The array of ethnic and unique songs are a musical treat to the ear.+List of Songs:+Disc 1

1. Derech (A Way)+2. Benadam (Human)+3. Nekabel (We Will Receive)+4. Yeled Mizdaken (The Growing Child)+5. Masa U’matan (Wonder and Sharing)+6. VeodYom (And Another Day)+7. Holemet (A Dreamer)+8. Eich B'Sof Kol Yom (End of the Day).
Disc 2
1. At (You)+2. Jah is One (G-d is One)+3. Mamri’im (Takin’ Off)+4. Enazel (I Will Survive)+5. Hine Hu Ba (Here it Comes)+6. Monsoon+7. Jah (G-d)+8. Ve’eyeh Shelo (Wherever I turn).
DVD Disc:
1. Derech (A Way)+2. Cholmot (Dreamers) with Din Din Aviv+3. Eich B'Sof Kol Yom (End of the Day) with Moshe Levi+4. At (You – feminine)+5. Jah Elokim (G-d is One) with Shotei HaNevua Band & Muki+6. Hine Hu Ba (Here He Comes) with Barry Sochorov+7. Monsoon with Barry Sochorov+8Jah (G-d)

  • Media: 2 CDs + 1 DVD
  • Number of songs: 24
  • Number of CDs: 3