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  • Mosh Ben Ari Upon Me [Ad Elai] - Israel  Music CD 2001
    Mosh Ben Ari Upon Me [Ad Elai] - Israel  Music CD 2001

Mosh Ben Ari Upon Me [Ad Elai] - Israel Music CD 2001

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Debut album by Mosh Ben Ari, which has become a favorite of listeners of all ages. 13 crowd pleasing songs brought him to the attention of the Israel music scene.

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Mosh Ben Ari’s first released album was Upon Me (Ad Elai), which came out in 2001. The Israeli musician is famous for his mixture of reggae, soul, rock and world music. Combined with his rich and unique voice, his songs are a special treat to the ears and fill the hearts and homes of many.+The Israeli composer was born and raised in Israel, and started playing music at the age of sixteen. Since then he has learned music in many parts of the world, including Sinai, India and Sahara, and has excelled in his mastering of various string instruments, such as acoustic and classic guitar, the Persian tar, the Indian sarod and bass. This talented musician writes and composes his own songs, his influences and inspiration being the traditional Jewish music he grew up listening to.Having grown up in a Yemenite and Iraqi Jewish household, his songs tend to lean in that ethnic direction, with a blend of true Israeli fusion. Ben Ari also started a band in 1997 with friends which released four albums, before moving on to make many solo albums on his own. The most famous of the band’s songs, Salaam (peace) has been translated and sung all around the world.+In this fun and upbeat debut album, all thirteen songs are written in Hebrew, the Jewish and Israeli language, with the exception of the song Jah is One which starts with the singer repeating the words G-d is One in four different languages, English, Yemenite, Hebrew and Arabic. All his songs are influenced by Middle Eastern music, with unique string instruments giving the song a fresh and special sound.+List of Songs:

1. Ad Elai (Upon Me)+2. Boei Nauf (Let’s Fly)+3. Betah Sheavo (Sure I’ll come)+4. Veod Yom (And Another Day)+5. Eyn Lean Livroah (Nowhere to Run)+6. Jah is One (G-d is One)+7. Veshuv Nolad (Born Again)+8. Hine ze ba (Here it Comes)+9. Lo Yodea Eyh Lomar Ba (How to Say it)+10. Kama Shirim (So many songs)+11.Nitan+12. Ve’eyh Shelo (Wherever I Turn)+13. Neima

  • Number of songs: 13