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  • Mosh Ben Ari A Way [Derech] - Israel  Music CD 2004
    Mosh Ben Ari A Way [Derech] - Israel  Music CD 2004

Mosh Ben Ari A Way [Derech] - Israel Music CD 2004

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This second album from Mosh Ben Ari, follows on his successful debut album 'Ad Elai', and helps establish him as a force on the Israeli music scene.

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The album that established Mosh Ben Ari as one of Israel’s foremost singers and composers is his second album Derech (A Way), which quickly hit Gold on Israeli charts. The hit came out in 2004 and made the Israeli musician a household name.+Ben Ari in an Israeli born composer and lyricist, whose interest in music sprouted from the traditional Jewish Yemenite tunes he heard while growing up. At the age of sixteen he started learning music, and has excelled in different ethnic styles from all over the Middle East. Acoustic and classic guitar, Moroccan ginberi, Persian tar, Turkish jumbush and bass are some of the string instruments the talented musician can play and perform with. His Yemenite and Iraqi background gives his music its ethnic direction, along with Israeli music, forming a unique sound rarely heard. Before starting out on his own with several solo albums, he and a few friends formed a band in 1997 called Sheva, releasing four albums. Their hit song, Salaam (Peace), is universally known and sung.+The fifteen songs in this album are sung is Hebrew, the Israeli language, while various Middle Eastern string instruments accompany the lyrics. The combination of rock, reggae, soul and world music along with Mosh Ben Ari’s rich, unique voice are bound to make a fun and interesting cultural for experience for all ages.+List of Songs:

1. Derech (A Way)+2. Henei Hu Ba (Here it comes)+3. Sfina (A Ship)+4. Kama Sheani Ohev (How Much I Love You)+5. At (You)+6. Im Rak Naiz (If we Dare)+7. Jah (G-d)+8. Kuba Luba 9. Nargish ( We’ll feel it)+10. Khi Oti (Take me)+11. Benadam (Human)+12. Midbar (Desert)+13. Yam (Sea)+14. Ze Hazman (It’s About Time)+15. Nahar (River)

  • Number of songs: 15