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  • Yair Emanuel Grogger
    Yair Emanuel Grogger

Purim crafted wooden Grogger by Yair Emanuel


The traditional wooden grogger, or Purim noisemaker, is a symbol of the holiday.  Alongside Purim baskets and the story of Esther, it is a key emblem of the festival.  Now you can purchase a decorative grogger to mark the occasion. 

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MSRP: $29.95
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If you are looking for unique Purim gifts, look no further than this beautiful wooden grogger.  For children, using a grogger is another exciting aspect of the day, in addition to novelty costumes and Purim songs & DVDs.  Meanwhile for adults, in addition to giving Mishloach Manot to friends and relatives, this decorative wooden grogger is a beautiful piece of Judaica, which makes a special Purim gift.   


The grogger is of course also a very practical Purim item.  For those who will listen attentively to the story of Esther, there is no better instrument with which to fulfill the tradition of drowning out the name of the tale’s villain, Haman. 


However, this particular wooden grogger is so much more than a handy tool.  It is specially crafted item, designed as a rectangular piece of wood affixed to two wooden wheels, which spin on a wooden axis.  Crucially, the grogger includes a beautiful decoration – Set against a blue background, the hand-painted design depicts the iconic Jerusalem skyline.  This unique image is covered with three layers of lacquer to ensure longevity.


Given the craftsmanship of this unique Purim gift, the grogger is also a lovely piece of decorative Judaica.  It is presented with a matching stand, based on the same blue background and Jerusalem motif as the grogger itself.  A groove in the stand allows the grogger to stand upright, ensuring that this stunning Purim gift can be on display all year round.  This grogger will make it a Purim to remember.